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Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

by Noah Makovsky, MD

There is nothing like a family vacation to build lasting memories. Yet as any parent knows, traveling with kids can sometimes be challenging, especially if your child becomes ill while on vacation. Whether you are driving or flying, traveling domestically or abroad, here are some things to keep in mind before you hit the road.
#1: Refill all medications. 
Check all of the medications that you’ll need to bring with you well in advance of your trip. Some refills require an appointment with your child’s doctor, so you will need to build in time for that visit.
#2: Contact your health insurance for travel-related benefits. 
Call your health insurance company to find out what, if any, travel benefits you may have. If you are planning a particularly costly and extended trip, you may want to look into purchasing additional travel health insurance. The peace of mind it provides might be worth it.
#3: Carry your pediatrician’s number and your insurance cards with you. 
Place important phone numbers and insurance cards together, and always keep them with you. When flying, make sure they are in your carry-on bags, not your checked luggage.
#4: If traveling internationally, check for any required vaccines. 
The Centers for Disease Control is a great resource for travelling internationally. The CDC provides a list of all required vaccinations for a wide range of destinations, as well as travel notices. Again, this should be done several weeks before you depart. 
#5: Make sure kids get enough sleep. 
Though we may try to stick to our kids’ sleep schedules while away, they are bound to get disrupted on vacation. It’s okay to be lenient on bedtimes and naps while traveling, but make sure your child gets enough sleep in the days leading up to your trip. This will help ensure that he or she has the energy for longer days and travel, as well as a more balanced temperament.
We hope these few tips will save you time and reduce stress before and during your vacation. Bon voyage!
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