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Tips for a successful day on the slopes.

I am a native Coloradoan- just check out my bumper sticker! With that being said I have been an avid skier for 50 years. This year I got the pleasure of skiing with 2 of my 5 grandchildren (ages 7 and 5). I am writing this article to share some real life experiences with the Stapleton Pediatrics skiing community.
My simple and obvious suggestions are as follows.
  • Have patience.
  • Be flexible.
  • Plan for all circumstances.
  • Have fun and be safe. Don’t forget your sunscreen, even on overcast days!
  • Arrive early to the ski resort. This can allow time for children to wind down from the long car ride and get prepared in a less chaotic manner.
  • Proper clothing is key! Have individual bags of clothes and gear ready prior to leaving home. Layers can be chosen based on the particular days forecast, but have other options available just in case. Bring along some spare goggles, mittens and socks. A well-fitting helmet is a critical piece of the apparel to protect against head injuries. Don’t leave home without it! Mittens are warmer than gloves and can be secured by clips to secure them to the coats. Face and neck warmers can help to keep the little ones cozy and warm.
  • Comfort is essential. Make sure skis and boots have been professionally adjusted and well fitted. Comfortable boots are important to having a successful day on the slopes! I would suggest renting the equipment for several years while learning and growing, prior to investing in their own boots/skis.
  • Healthy snacks and hydration are important. I always have protein packed snacks packed in my pockets. This is important to sustain energy throughout the day. I also suggest a water pack system. It is important to drink, even on cold days. Children get fussy when hungry or dehydrated. Take several breaks to recharge personal batteries.
  • If possible a season of lessons with a qualified instructor at a known resort is a great way to introduce your kids to the sport. A good instructor will give kids a sense of confidence and camaraderie with other kids at the same skill level.
  • Skiing is an expensive sport. Keep your eyes open for deals on rentals, lessons and lift tickets. Remember pre-season deals are more affordable than daily packages.
Last week I had the opportunity to ski 5 beginner green runs with my grandkids, Gabi and Avi. It was the best ski day of my life! I didn’t push their limits or force them to ski beyond their skill levels. I just sat back and enjoyed our time together. I hope you will also have the chance to enjoy these precious times with your loved ones!

Here is a great link from the American Academy of Pediatrics with information on how to prevent common winter sports injuries.
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