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Winter Sports Safety Tips

By Noah Makovsky, MD
Anyone who lives in Colorado knows that we are able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors all year round. But many would argue that the winters in Colorado rival those of anyplace else in the world! If your family is like ours, you love to take advantage of the great winter sports here, and there are several important safety tips to follow before strapping on those skis or skates.    
Remember the Sunscreen!
I know we talk about the importance of sunscreen in the summer, but in Colorado, it is important to apply sunscreen when you participate in winter sports as well. The winter sun here is very strong, and the rays can reflect off of the snow. Use the same rules you’ve heard from us before – SPF of at least 15, and reapply often!
Many people ask if their children should wear helmets when sledding, and I think it’s a good idea, especially if your kids are older and bit more daring. If you already have helmets for skiing or snowboarding, those will work fine. A bike helmet is also a good alternative. Make sure you check out the sledding area in advance. Watch out for nearby roads and hidden obstacles. Remember, kids should never sled alone.
The biggest rule for skating is: only skate on approved ice. Indoor rinks are a great option, and there are many around the state. Whether you are indoors or out, make sure your children are wearing the right gear. Gloves, snow pants, etc., will keep your kids warm and protect against falls. Children also should wear helmets when skating.
Many will say the best part about living in Colorado is the skiing, and I can’t argue with that! It’s very important to have the right equipment before you hit the slopes. Make sure boots, bindings and helmets fit properly. Goggles are also very important to protect eyes from the snow and glare. If you separate from your older kids on the mountain, make sure they are not alone and have a way to communicate with you. Also, children and adolescents should never wear ear buds while skiing.
Keep these safety tips in mind, and enjoy Colorado’s great outdoors! 
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Our kids are very young, so I hadn't really thought about winter sports. However, what a great tip about wearing a helmet for most of these activities, but I hadn't really thought about that for sledding. Thanks for the tip!
1/20/2015 5:11:06 PM

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