Common Conditions

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  • What is Anesthesia?
  • What is Appendicitis?
  • What is Bronchitis?
  • What is Cancer?
  • What is Dehydration?
  • What is Epilepsy?
  • What are Fractures?
  • What is Gastroenteritis?
  • NPO Instructions- Don't You Dare Eat That!
  • What is Pneumonia?
  • What are Postoperative Infections?
  • What are Vaccines?

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What's New?

  • Parent Workshops at Stapleton Pediatrics

    Stapleton Peds is excited to announce that we are hosting a series of parent workshops in our office put on by EMPOWER Centers of Excellence in Family Behavioral Health. See the attached for more details and to register as space is limited.
  • Accepting New Patients!

    Stapleton Pediatrics is currently accepting new patients. Please contact us to schedule a appointment today!